Digital Education Concepts brings decades of experience in the planning, execution, and evaluation of digital education programs to your organization. Whether your organization is new to online learning or you've been running your program for many years, Digital Education Concepts offers capabilities and capacities that can enhance your operations and increase efficiency.

Steve Carson, principal of Digital Education Concepts, has served on the leadership teams of groundbreaking online learning programs including MIT OpenCourseWare and Boston Children's Hospital's OPENPediatrics, and contributed to the success of other leading online learning efforts including MITx. In 2008, Steve led the incorporation and launch of the OpenCourseWare Consortium, now Open Education Global, and served as president of the board of directors for four years, leading the organization through several rounds of strategic planning.

Steve has developed mission-critical databases supporting the workflows of MIT OpenCourseWare, OPENPediatrics, and other organizations that remain in use and track tens of thousands of educational resources for these programs. He has helped refine publication and intellectual property management processes for these efforts, reducing costs and generating efficiencies. 

Among his innovations, Steve collaborated with the BIDMC Division of Clinical Informatics on a novel social learning platform, Alicanto Cloud; in cooperation with P2PU, he developed and ran a platformless massive open online course employing open educational resources that enrolled more than 13,000 learners and cost less than $4000 in total; and he developed the first online course ever offered by Emerson College.

For Steve, digital education tools and approaches present a powerful opportunity to address inequity and enhance economic mobility, and he has worked for two decades to widen the scope of that opportunity.