DEC Workflow

Has your MOOC or content-rich online education program hit its "death by spreadsheet" moment? Is information about your courses, educational assets, intellectual property, contracts, and royalties spread across so many disconnected systems that you spend more time collecting and organizing data than acting on it?

DEC Workflow brings it all together in a system that provides up-to-date information to your entire team and can be modified to fit your unique needs. Built on Quickbase, DEC Workflow sits atop a proven low-code database that integrates seamlessly with other systems in your infrastructure and is easy for your team to manage and modify directly over time.


Alicanto Cloud

Developed by the Division of Clinical Informatics at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Alicanto Cloud™ is an online platform for learning and group collaborations in medical and non-medical contexts. Steve Carson of DEC was a project co-lead of the initial platform development and has 10 years' experience managing Alicanto implementations. DEC can help develop, launch and maintain an Alicanto instance for your professional organization or educational program.


Project Planner (A Free Resource)

A Google Sheet-based project planning tool for developing courses, events, digital resources, and more; make a copy (using the File menu "Make a copy" option) for your own use. Great for smaller projects that don't require more robust solutions. It is annotated throughout to help you use it.