DEC Workflow

How do large-scale digital education projects manage the enormous amounts of information they need to track large catalogs of courses? Is your program spending more time looking for information than acting on it?

DEC Workflow encapsulates my 20+ years of experience in building and enhancing workflow tracking databases for some of the world's largest online learning efforts. It provides a solid foundation that can be customized to your program's exact requirements.



  • Course development across all programs in one place
  • Content production, reuse, and 3rd-party content permissioning
  • Production team assignments, workload, and progress
Screenshots of database interfaces


Screenshots of database interfaces


  • Consistent course builds across multiple deployment platforms
  • Comprehensive tracking of course status on all LMS/OPMs
  • Integrated reporting on enrollment and revenue for all courses 



  • Information on where your learning assets are deployed and which versions are in use
  • Revenue share and royalty distribution data for all stakeholders
  • Longitudinal program data to inform planning and resource allocation
Screenshots of database interfaces